“Tantra Yoga has great history of misinterpretation but its journey to west make it worse”

NO, Tantra is not just sex science, then what is Tantra or Tantric Yoga?
“Tantra is a type of yoga which helps you to make deeper connection or understanding with yourself”

Tantra Yogasex yoga called Tantra yoga but it is not what people mostly think and it is a way different and benefits can amaze you. As the tales of Tantra has reached the West and have gotten it very wrong.

Most of the people think Tantra is a spiritual and only approach to sex or a modality of sexual healing. Earlier, the people are involved in different practices including the ritual innovations to magical spells, violence, mind-altering substances, along with sex. And, tantras were then called as a type of esoteric text which popularly arose in different Hindu lineages beginning in the fifth century.

There are lots of texts were also written by Buddhists and Jains, and later came to have a massive influence throughout India and all over the world in between the ninth and 14th centuries.

Tantric yoga is generally a system or related to the entire universe works on a system. It includes everything like the sun rises every morning from the east and sets in the evening from the west, its sun’s system. No matter what happens to the world, the sun’s system will remain unchanged and it goes on always.

Accordingly to Satguru (influential yoga guru), the tantra literally means a technique or a technology and it is called an inner technology, which refers to very unorthodox or socially unacceptable methods. Also, Tantra is not different from yoga and it is generally a part or limb of yoga.

Why Tantric yoga has been misinterpreted as a sexual practice?

Tantra Yoga couple having sexTantra practice is generally called as the multidimensional system of spiritual beliefs, where it is a part of the yoga. It is said that Tantra encompasses Shamanic beliefs, Sakta worship, and the Tantric texts along with the yogic practices, but the asanas have got inauthentic in the view of many. In terms of Western culture, most people recognize it as a term, called a way to have sex for hours. A movement called “Neotantra” focuses almost exclusively on sexual techniques has found in the West. Many Hindus were concerned about the appropriation of yogic elements in this secular society and the traditional emphasis on tantra yoga called a spiritual tool, which is now driven to profit from a hot trend. Talking about the Western view of tantra yoga is a physical system that includes an optional spiritual component, but in actual Tantra Yoga is a spiritual system that utilizes a physical component.

Most of the people of the West have misused the asanas and this is also one of the reasons why it has got misinterpreted. Here, Asana purely means the posture or pose to the modern min, but many Westerners now use the words “asana” and “yoga” interchangeably. Better know that asana is not yoga and it is only a small part of yoga, which needs to understand by all. Tantra is also misinterpreted because of the commercialization of sacred objects, which many traditional yoga teachers find this to be the most disturbing aspect of the Westernization of tantra yoga. The people of the West see Buddha statues, along with the reproduction of sacred scriptures, crystals and other sacred objects like fancy items and can be used for decorative purposes, but in actual, the sacred objects are neither decoration nor toys. They are to be properly respected and displayed, but due to the involvement of the West people, the meaning of everything, including Tantra has been changed and most of the time misinterpreted.

Undoubtedly, Wrong appropriation has had a negative effect on the correct message of tantra yoga. So, if you are looking for the tantric practice you’ll want to attend an established tantra school that solely emphasizes on the holistic nature of the practice, rather than teaches you on how to have great sex or develop 6-pack muscles for you.

Frequently asked questions about tantra yoga

1. What is Tantra or Tantric Yoga?

Tantra yoga is a limb or branch of Yoga which emphasis on deeper understand of inner self. There are many yoga asanas & meditation techniques in tantra which help to improve deeper understanding of oneself. Find out more

2. Does it help in Sex life?

Yes, It does help in sex life but Tantra is no all about sex. Find out more

3. What are the Breathing techniques of Tantra yoga?

You can start with these 3 berating technique - Bhastrika ,Release the clamp and Ahamkara mudra. Find out more

4. When Tantra yoga started in West World?

There are no proper evidence when it started in west world but it started to gain popularity from the beginning of 20 Century.Find out more

5. Who brought yoga to west world?

Swami Vivekananda often credited as who first introduce yoga in West.Find out more

6. Is Yoga and Tantra different?

NO, Tantra is a limb or type of yoga. Find out more

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