The Old Lakshman Jhula Bridge

Lakshman Jhula is a suspension bridge constructed over the River Ganga which connects Tapovan(on the west of river Ganges) to Jonk(on the east of river Ganges). It's a pedestrian and light-weight motorcycles bridge that was constructed by U.P.P.W.D. from 1927-1929. Last year a team of technical experts investigated the bridge and found it unfit and risky to be used anymore. The team found out that bridge is unable to hold any more load and due to sudden increase of tourists and vehicles using the bridge, the bridge tower has started leaning towards one end, Additional Chief Secretary Om Prakash said. Last year on Friday 12th July 2019 this suspension bridge which has been in place for more than 90 years has been closed for vehicles as well as pedestrians.

Bridge initiative by the Govt. of Uttarakhand

The good news is Uttarakhand government has now approved the design of creating a brand new glass floor suspension bridge across River Ganga using Modern Technology. This will be the very first glass bridge to be built in India. The location of the new bridge will be parallel to the old Lakshman Jhula. The design of the bridge was prepared by the Public works department (PWD) and it would comprise two toughened glass floors on each side of the bridge and an asphalt road in between. The width of the glass floor on each side will be 1.5 meters and the width of the asphalt road will be 2.5 meters along with seven feet high toughened glass railings on both sides of the bridge.A budget of Rs 50 lakh has already been decided

The dimensions of bridge

According to the Public works department (PWD) officials, the bridge will be 132.2 meters in length and the total width of the bridge will be 8 meters. This iconic bridge will be using a toughened glass floor of 3.5 inches in thickness with a load-bearing capacity of more than 750 kg per square meter which is pretty cool. The PWD department has asked the state authorities to prepare an estimate for the project as soon as possible.

Additional Chief secretary Uttarakhand Govt. Mr.Om Prakash stated that the design has been finalized to be sent to IIT-Mumbai for further detailed analysis and final approval. After the final approval of the design, a detailed project report will be made and tender will be opened. The project completion date is estimated to be before Kumbh 2021 according to a senior official. Chief secretary Om Prakash further stated that the bridge will be constructed in such a manner that it will stay fit and usable for more than 150 years without any issues. Each pillar to be used in the bridge will be 30 meters deep and will be made of iron which will be much stronger than the ones normally used in the construction of bridges.

It's a big relief to the residents of Rishikesh as they were suffering the loss in their daily business due to the inaccessibility of tourists to reach the other side of River Ganga after the bridge was closed for a short period of time.

As we Know

Rishikesh is famous for various tourists and spiritual activities. In season time this renowned yoga destination become overcrowded place. Tourists and local people have to face problem to pass through the Laxman Jhula Bridge.