One of the advanced yoga asanas, firefly pose is a great posture to strengthen your arms and your wrists, to lengthen the spine, to tone your belly and to improve balance. In order to perform this arm balance, you will have to nail your forward hamstring stretch, so without getting your hamstring in place you really can not perform Firefly pose. It is an arm balance pose and requires more core strength then arm strength. This pose can be performed by sitting on the floor with legs spread at 90 degrees, elevating heels and pressing your palms into the floor between the legs.

How to perform Firefly Pose?
About 2 minutes
Firefly Pose is an advanced pose with many benefits. It might take some time to master this pose as a beginner but the benefits are totally worth it.

Step 1 : Open up your palms to the sky

Open up your palms to the sky, exhale and swan dive forward into Uttanasana or standing forward bend pose. now you are going to bend the knees and wiggle the shoulders to the inseams of the legs planting the palms down.

Step 2 : Drop your hips to your triceps as much as possible

Now you are going to drop your hips to your triceps as much as possible, squeeze the shoulder blades together behind you, press through the index finger and thumb to keep your chest lifted with the hips down.

Step 3 : Fire up through the quadriceps reaching through the toes

Fire up through the quadriceps reaching through the toes. Hold this position for a few breaths and then release. Come back into forward bend pose, walk your hands forward and reverse swan-dive up to Tadasana.

Benefits of Firefly Pose

There are many benefits that can be gained by doing the firefly pose some of them are:

  • Improves balance
  • Tones the belly
  • Stretches groins and torso
  • Strengthens arms and wrists