Fallen Angel Pose is a beautiful pose that is a really good twisting arm balance that will strengthen your core and helps you stabilize shoulder girdle. This pose is a mix of inversion, twist and forward bend and therefore the fallen angel pose provides the benefits of all these features. It is an advanced and challenging pose performed in the prone position and requires strength, balance, inversion and stretch. The fallen angel pose requires a proper understanding of the body and strong core, wrists, shoulders and hips.

How to perform Fallen Angel Pose?
About 2 minutes
Fallen Pose is an advanced pose with many benefits. It might take some time to master this pose as a beginner but the benefits are totally worth it.

Step 1 : Face the long edge of the mat

Face the long edge of the mat in a squat position by bending your knees, heels lifted up and hips resting on tops of the heels.

Step 2 : Twist your upper body to the right and face to the top of the mat

Now you are going to twist your upper body to the right and face to the top of the mat and from here you are going to plant your palms down, so what's important here is that hands are shoulders width distance apart, the fingertips are spreading wide and make your way into side crow pose by lifting the hips off the mat and then bringing your right knee to your left upper arm and left tricep and then bending the elbows you are just going to rock it forward until you can lift your feet off the mat.

Step 3 : Let your temple come down to the mat

From here to get to the fallen angel let your temple come down to the mat, so when your temple is down to the floor you kind of make a little shelf with your right upper arm. Now all you are going to do is bring your toes to point up to the sky, left leg is going to straighten and tap your right toe to your left knee and that's basically it. Bend the knees and lift back up and release.

Benefits of Fallen Angel Pose

There are many benefits that can be gained by doing the Fallen Angel pose some of them are:

  • Improves tenacity
  • Helps cultivate of discipline
  • Deep body awareness
  • Helps develop focus, and a steady, calm mind