Most of the celebrities are working from home due to the lockdown in India caused by Covid-19. Everyone is worried about his fitness. After all, they also have to maintain themselves. In such a situation, many Hollywood and Bollywood stars are giving great importance to workout, yoga, meditation, exercise these days.

Recently celebrities like Jennifer Lopez, Alex Rodriguez, Malaika Arora, Aishwarya Dhanush and Mark Mastrov (known as Steve Jobs of Fitness) have joined the 14-day Immunity Builder program through a live yoga session. The program has been launched by yoga and wellness studio Chain Serve, which aims to provide workouts for those who are stuck in lockdown due to pandemic, so that they can stay healthy through it.

Jennifer Lopez, a singer, dancer, actress and investment in Sarva, said, "In the current situation I am delighted that Sarva, a leading wellness and yoga brand with its vision of combining modernity as well as authenticity, is from the birthplace of yoga. He is making Yoga accessible to all audiences with the power of every age, every language and technique. I hope this is something that can change the lives of people around the world.

At the same time, Malaika Arora, co-founder of Sarva & Diva said, "This is a time when we are all connected to each other for a big but common reason, that is we need to fight against such epidemics in terms of pandemics and future. Health has to be better. "

The general public is also closed these days along with celebrities. The physical activity of some people has become negligible. These days medical experts are advising that to stay fit and healthy, you have to strengthen your immunity. For this, they recommend taking a healthy diet, but due to the lockdown, many things are not available in the market.

In such a situation, there is no better way than yoga to build your immunity. You can boost your immunity power by doing some special yoga every day (Yoga to boost immunity in hindi). We are telling you to build immunity, two asanas, you should also practice them every day.

Sethubandhasana to increase immunity

This posture is also called bridge posture. By doing this, you can avoid many diseases, because it makes the immunity stronger. Increases blood circulation in the body, also removes stress. Sethubandhasana affects the entire body. This makes the liver strong, eliminates the problems of pancreas. People who are complaining of back pain should also practice this Yogasana.

How to perform Sethubandhasana

First lie down on your back. Both arms should be straight. Keep them next to the body. Keep the palm close to the ground. Bend the knees of both feet so that the soles of the feet are attached to the ground. This is the initial state of Sethubandhasana. After this, fill the breath, hold the breath for a few seconds and slowly raise the waist above the ground. Raise the waist so high that the chest begins to touch the chin. Also bend the arms with the elbow and keep the palms below the waist.

In this way, the weight of waist and body will fall on your wrists and palms. In this situation, normalize the breath. Hold for 10 to 20 seconds in this position. Then feel the stretch on the lower back and spine. Finally bend the knee again to come back. Remove both the palms from below the waist, do not get any shock to the waist. Straighten the arm and while exhaling, slowly lower the waist. Straighten the legs as well and rest for some time in Shavasana.

Halasana - Another great pose to boost immunity

Lie straight on your back to perform Halasana. During that time your hands should be on the floor. Now while breathing, bring the feet upwards and touch the paws from the floor while bringing them above the head. Hold for 20–30 seconds in this pose. Along with strengthening the Yogasan immunity, it also increases the yoga to increase sperm quantity. Helps to increase blood circulation in the pelvic area. Blood circulation to the face increases, causing glow in the skin. In order to avoid this, many people are under stress in the event of a lockdown.