The outbreak of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) around the world has affected every single one of us. More than 200 countries and territories are under the influence of infection COVID-19 and more than 53,069 deaths have been claimed since December 2019. This global pandemic is turning into a global economic slowdown and the situations are surely testing the world leaders right now. On 24th March, Narendra Modi Ji, the Prime Minister of India announced the 21 days nationwide lockdown to fight against the infectious disease. This lockdown was ordered soon after the Janta curfew on 22nd March 2020, when the total number of coronavirus cases in India reached approximately 500.

Rishikesh is the most popular hotspot among the tourists and yoga enthusiasts in India. Soon after Uttarakhand banned the entry of all tourists in the state, the Rishikesh tourism, hotels, restaurants, gym, fitness and yoga centres suffered a huge loss due to the complete shutdown of their businesses. Hotels are not on a complete shutdown as they are accommodating international tourists and Indian peoples trapped in Rishikesh due to the lockdown. Apart from hotels, essential services like Vegetables, fruits, milk, meat, and grocery shops, petrol pumps are still open in Rishikesh. This global pandemic has been declared a public health emergency of international concern by WHO (World Health Organization) and till the human interaction is dangerous, businesses like river rafting, camping, paragliding, bungee jumping, temple tours, yoga studios, schools, and ashrams will remain closed, at least till 15th of April 2020. Rishikesh is facing an increased number of cancellation of hotel bookings and yoga classes for the month of April, May, and June amid coronavirus disease scare.

According to Yogi Sanjeev Semwaj Ji the owner of Rishikesh Yoga Teacher Training Center, a lot of businesses have been affected and lost millions because of the outbreak of the global pandemic. No school is expected to start any courses until the end of this year as the countries from where the most crowd came to Rishikesh are worst hit by this global pandemic. A “Vishva Shanti Yagya” was conducted in order to end the corona pandemic.

The best months to visit Rishikesh are September-October and March-June. Due to the complete lockdown, the business owners are on the low low these months especially owners of yoga studios and retreat centres. With all the cancelled yoga retreats and teacher training courses this year, almost every yoga teacher in Rishikesh is likely to be unsalaried for the upcoming few months. Today the world needs Yoga more than ever but we can't gather anymore for a yoga class or retreat, the best practice would be to stay at home and practice yoga by yourself through online videos and tutorials. Few of the yoga studios and centres in Rishikesh are now offering live streaming yoga classes through Facebook, youtube, and Instagram live to recover some part of their huge loss during the first half of 2020.

A doctor said coronavirus can not be spread through our sweat but it can be spread through high contact surfaces like a Yoga mat. Keep your Yoga mat clean while practicing yoga at home and don't allow children to come in contact with your yoga equipment for maximum safety. Yoga studios owners in Rishikesh especially the owners with a brand new Yoga business are battling financial losses as they are paying the monthly rent of the big spaces, gardens, and Arena which are almost empty nowadays. Apart from huge rent to pay each month for the yoga space, expenses like the workers' compensation is being managed. Surely it's going to be hard for a new yoga business to survive during this global pandemic. We have reached a time where we all have to unite, support each other, work and function together as a community. Give help if you can or accept help if you are not able to service.